Assorted Friands

Code: AF

A small almond and butter cake topped with raspberries,blueberries or almond flakes then lightly sprinkled with dusting sugar.

12 per box, containing 4 of each flavour

Baby Caramel New York


A round creamy baked cheesecake on a crunchy biscuit base topped with caramel

Banoffee Slice

Code: BSL

Presented with a fantastic buttery biscuit base,  layered with a creamy banana caramel in the centre and topped with a light and fluffy banana mousse and finished with a light dusting of cocoa

Banana Loaf

Code: BL

A traditional loaf filled with bananas. Pre cut into 14 pieces

Carrot Cake Individual


A moist carrot cake filled with carrots, walnuts and pineapple, topped with cream cheese icing and walnuts

Christmas Pudding Individual


A rich fruit pudding packed with fruit and brandy

Cookies and Cream Individual


A thin layer of chocolate mud cake filled with a mixture of chocolate cookies and cheesecake, then topped with a dollop of cream and a chocolate cream biscuit

Chocolate Volcano Individual


A rich chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache – ideally served warm

Carrot Cake Slice

Code: CCS

Two layers of our famous carrot cake with fresh carrots, walnuts, pineapple and spices with that beautiful cream cheese filling in the middle and on top with a sprinkle of walnuts to finish.

Hummingbird Slice

Code: HBS

Two layers of our traditional moist hummingbird cake filled with that beautiful cream cheese filling in the middle and on top and a sprinkle of toasted coconut shards.

Choc Mint Layer Cake

Code: CMLC

Two layers of rich and moist chocolate cake with a creamy mint mousse layer in the middle, topped with a chocolate ganache gel and mint swirls.

Musk Layer Cake

Code: MLC

Two layers of soft and moist vanilla cake with a creamy musk mousse layer in the middle, topped with musk flavoured topping.

Lemon Lime Slice

Code: LLS

A delicious lemon citrus custard on top of a biscuit base decorated with a zesty lemon curd and a light dusting of sugar. Served in a cakebox of 15 slices.

Lemon Meringue Slice

Code: LMS

Presented with a fantastic buttery biscuit base, a zesty lemon curd topped with a fluffy soft and lightly toasted meringue

Marzbar Cheesecake Individual


A thin layer of chocolate mud cake filled with a mixture of caramel and chocolate cheesecake topped with caramel and chocolate ganache, finished off with a slice of nougat bar

Mini Mud Cup


An individual mud cake, covered in chocolate ganache and white chocolate

Macchiato Slice


A delicious chocolate and coconut biscuit base beneath a velvety smooth coffee and white chocolate mousse that’s topped with a dark chocolate ganache.

O.M.G Brownie


A delicious fudge brownie filled with chocolate pieces (best served warm).

Rocky Road Individuals


A chocolate mud cake base topped with a mixture of raspberry and chocolate cheesecake combined with marshmallow, peanuts, chocolate, and topped with dark chocolate ganache

Sensation Cup


An individual dessert layered with a creamy baked Cheesecake, Chocolate, Mousse and caramel cream

Sticky Date Pudding


A moist date pudding topped with caramel and a caramel ganache then garnished with dates – ideally served warm


Flourless Caramel Slice

Code: FCS

A gluten free caramel and Coconut flavoured base with a baked creamy caramel centre topped with white chocolate and caramel swirl.

Flourless Choc Brownie


A flourless chocolate and walnut brownie lightly sprinkled with dusting sugar

Flourless Choc Slice

Code: FCHS

A gluten free chocolate and coconut flavoured base with a creamy chocolate ganache centre topped with a sprinkle of cocoa and sugar medley.

Flourless Jaffa Slice

Code: FJS

A gluten free orange and Coconut flavoured base topped with a rich dark chocolate layer sealed with a candied orange swirls.

Flourless Passionfruit

Code: FPSL

A flourless passion fruit and coconut base with a creamy passion fruit topping

Flourless Pine/Lime


A flourless pineapple and coconut base topped with a creamy layer of pineapple and lime filling