Are the ingredients used in Heaven’s Kitchen products Australian?

We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible so we can support Australian farmers.

Are all Heaven’s Kitchen products made in Australia?

All our desserts have been made locally at our commercial kitchen in Sydney.

Does Heaven’s Kitchen have any gluten-free products?

Heaven’s Kitchen products are not certified gluten-free. However, we do have a  flourless range.

Where can I buy your cakes from in QLD?

If you let us know your  Location or postcode on our enquiry page we can put you in touch with our closest distributors.

How long  will my cake last once I defrost it?

If you keep the Cake refrigerated under 5 degrees it will last 3-5 days

Can I refreeze my cake?

Once one of Heavens Kitchens Cakes has been thawed/refrigerated, we do NOT recommend refreezing the product. Thawed/refrigerated portions are best kept in the refrigerator and then consumed within 3-5 days to maintain the best eating quality.

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