Coconut Mango Loaf

Coconut Mango Loaf


Product Description

Rectangle loaf shape, sweet bread. Contains: coconut and mango. Made with vegetable oil rather than solid fats. Ready to eat product. Can be eaten warm or cold.

Ingredient Statement

Contains: Wheat flour (contains gluten), cane sugar, vegetable oil, coconut 11% (contains sulphites), mango 11%, egg, sour cream (pasteurised cream, culture), water, lemon juice, raising agent (500), gluten, flavour, preservative (202), vanilla essence.


Allergen statement: contains- wheat (contains gluten), dairy, sulphites and egg


This product is produced in a factory that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, soy, egg, dairy, gluten and seeds

Packaging specs

Packed in food grade box lined with plastic film and covered with plastic film.

Minimum weight of;

29.5cm long by 11cm wide diameter;

8cm rising to 9cm to 9.2cm high. Golden colour.


Transported locally and interstate in approved transport vehicles at -18°c. Product is delivered free of contamination and damage

Storage Criteria

Product is stored at -18°c

Preparation Criteria

Product is sold as a frozen cake, should be kept frozen at

 -18°c, when it is required to be used it should be defrosted in a fridge or cool room at between 0°c – 5°c

Shelf Life

When stored at -18°c the best before date applies.

When stored at between 0°c – 5°c a 3-5-day shelf life applies


Allergen statement: contains- wheat (contains gluten), dairy and egg

Nutritional Panel

Nutrition Information Serve Size: 142 gr Serves/Pack: 14
Nutrient Qty/Serv Qty/100grm
Energy (kg) 2584 1820
Protein (g) 8.7 6.1
Fat, total (g) 36.1 25.4
Fat, saturated (g) 21.9 15.4
Carbohydrate (g) 59.9 42.2
Sugar (g) 32.2 22.7
Sodium (mg) 535 377