Carrot Cake

Code: CC

A round carrot cake made with fresh carrots, walnuts and pineapple, layered with cream cheese and garnished with crushed walnuts

Death by Chocolate

Code: DBC

A round chocolate mousse cake on a mud cake base topped with mud cake cups finished with a chocolate ganache and chocolate curls then sprinkled with dusting sugar (not availble pre cut)

Happy Birthday Cake

Code: HBCK

A round chocolate cake filled and layered with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate decorations (not available pre cut)


Code: HB

A round cake consisting of banana and pineapple divided with 2 layers of cream cheese icing, finished with latticed cream cheese icing and shredded coconut

Mango and Coconut Torte

Code: CMT

A round mango flavoured cake, layered with cream cheese icing and mango filling coated with toasted shredded coconut and mango filling

Mortal Sin

Code: MS

A Gateaux dessert. Layers of Cheesecake, Chocolate, Mousse and caramel cream


Code: MD

A round chocolate mud cake layered and finished with chocolate ganache

Red Velvet Cake

Code: RV

A round red velvet cake, layered and masked with a cream cheese icing and finished with white chocolate and red velvet cake crumb


Code: TM

Layers of chocolate and vanilla Sponge cake, soaked with rum sugar syrup and layered with cream and Neufchatel cheese, covered with cream and cocoa dusting